Comfortable snug fit using soft stretchy viscose from bamboo (same as the underwear) known to be an antimicrobial fabric, these masks are less irritating to our skin. Designed to contour the face and sit under your chin. Double layered.

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Underwear for EVERY Derriére 


Check It Out

Tush and Bush works for every butt; big, small, long, short, narrow, wide, flat, athletic, young, old, middle aged, whatever you got baby, we've got you. Come in High or Low Styles AND (drum roll, please) we've added Bralettes and Tanks.

Wedgie Free

Most underwear sits on the largest part of the buttocks eventually making its way into your butt crack. Tush and Bush gently hugs below the bottom with ample fabric coverage and soft banding to keep your underwear in place, wedgie free, all the time.

Made in The USA 

Tush and Bush is manufactured in Seattle, Washington. We work closely with our factory to ensure high quality and carefully sewn underwear. 

Super Soft Fabric 

We source high quality fabric made of viscose from bamboo, cotton, and little bit of Spandex so your underwear bounces back into shape.

Not Your Regular



Fit. Fabric. Ethical.

Why compromise comfort for style, when you can have both? Tush and Bush is a body-centric brand. Literally embracing the female body in all its glory regardless of size, age, and shape. Super soft fabrics caress the skin. Our colors and prints will send you swooning. Designed on a wee island in the Pacific North West and made in Seattle, Washington. 

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