Granny panties with a twist.

Where comfort meets booty beauty.

Never pick a wedgie again

They say beauty starts on the inside, we say it starts on the backside.

What Customers are Saying

I cannot emphasize how great this underwear is! I’m literally obsessed. I didn’t realize how much I hated my regular underwear until I tried these, and now I can’t wear anything else. 

I LOVE these underwear!  Where have they been all my life?!  No wedgies!  No irritating rubbing or chafing!  How can they possibly be so soft and sturdy and stay in place so well?  You just have to put a pair on to find out!

Yes I Love them! best underwear ever.

Best undies! Our local boutique Deer Hazel carries Tush and Bush and I’m lucky they do... they are soft stylish and stay where they should! 

My arse usually eats underwear and it's so uncomfortable! Tush & Bush has bested my rear and keeps her covered and snug as a bug. I'm so happy I discovered T&B and the tanks are an amazing complement to my undies. Thank You T&B for wrangling my usual hungry tush by staying out of her crevice!

I especially love the high-waisted underwear. They feel comfortable, the patterns are fun, and I feel confident wearing them. I get really excited when new fabric designs come out. And I love spreading the word to friends, family, and sometimes.....strangers. My partner and I also have a few T&B masks, which we love. Thanks, Addie & co, for the lovely and comfy creations.

I got my first pair of Tush & Bush undies back in 2015 at Addie's sewing studio. I was instantly addicted and have stopped wearing any other brand of underwear because they are SO comfortable. Now I am collecting tanks and bralettes to mix and match. I tell everyone and buy them for friends and family to get them hooked, too. My mom, who use to own a lingerie store, just switched all of hers over to Tush & Bush! So soft and I never have to pick them out of my bootie. LOVE. Also the masks I got from her are the only ones I have worn the last year. 

Tush and Bush are the most comfortable underwear I own. Everything they make is super soft and incredibly well made. Over the holidays I was sent the wrong order and they responded quickly to send me the correct items. The best part was the mask that they sent as a gift. It’s now the first mask I go for when leaving the house.

World’s most comfy undies. And tanks. And bodysuits! Great coverage. Soft fabrics. Truly wedgie free, even on curvy bums. And I love that these products are made locally! I’m a fan for life. I love my tush and bush sassy pants. :-)

I love T&B Undies. Never thought that I would find the most comfy and sofy undies while at a Farmer's Market at Friday Harbour. One of the best things to discover next to seeing the J-Pod lol.  Slowly buying more and more as these are the only undies I want to wear. I can honestly say my T&B are better and breathable in these undies!

Slowly replacing all my undies with T&B.  So soft & comfortable.  I wear the bralettes most days too, and now I'm starting to collect the tanks.  The fabric is soft but also substantial, everything is really well made and nothing binds or digs in anywhere.  Love it!

I basically live in my Tush and Bush - I wear a tank and a pair of panties almost every day. They're so soft and comfortable. I won't wear any other underwear, because everything else in comparison rides up, gives me wedgies, doesn't fit right. My nethers are much happier in my Tush and Bush!

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Annie Marie Musselman
Heather Morelli
Sara Stiles
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